LCWM45 vs Northbridge A 19/07/2008

Lane Cove West 0, Northbridge A 7

19 July 2008, Chatswood High School                        


Nightmare on Oliver Road! Our worse defeat for over 3 years (again 0-7, vs Kissing Point, 26 June 2005. I wasn’t there, I hasten to add, but you can read all about it on the club’s website. James’s fault, apparently).


Today was only our second failure to score in two years, but unfortunately, also our second in four weeks.


And we started so well: moving the ball about freely, denying Northbridge the chance to settle on the ball, and creating some half-chances.


But then: the first disaster. A Northbridge cross from the right grazed Martin on its way to Tim, facing goal at the far post. Difficult height, and in hindsight it’s easy to say that ducking under it was the go, as the nearest forward was a way away. But I fear that there was no call to this effect, so Tim tried to move the ball to safety. But it and he got tangled, and 0-1 was the outcome.


We’d barely had time to digest this when in went number 2. This time, a good through ball found Dr George, and his shot from a good way out made it 0-2.


At least I think it was Dr George. Certainly he got 5 of the goals. And since Tim got one, there was only one other that he didn’t score, and I don’t think it was this one.


Still we weren’t out of the game and kept plugging away. Till disaster two. Steve L smartly steered the ball away from goal to his left. Then, trying to place a pass, got caught in possession. The ball was swept back over and there’s a five-sixth chance that it was Dr George who connected with it to make the score 0-3.


Half time couldn’t come too soon, and Peter laid out the recovery plan: spread out; move the ball to the wings; pass to a man in space. Play football, in fact.


So: no more kick-offs, Dave & I resolved as we got the second half going. Alas! Five minutes later we were doing it again: Dr George had found his way through, one on one with Phil in goal and now it was 0-4.


Much the same thing happened three more times. In the meantime, Phil made some good saves, so it could have been worse. We rallied and had a few good attacks, but never seriously threatened goal. We had the dual ignominy of seeing Northbridge change ‘keeeper, no doubt as the incumbent felt underused; and of making no headway even when our opponents, having no subs, played the last chunk of the game with 10 men, James have inserted some body part between the ribs of Northbridge’s Glenn Hoddle-look-alike, Russell.


Eric was third in the MOTM voting for some stirring runs up the left, as well as defensive work. Brian was second also for valiant efforts to hold back the tide, and Peter’s tireless probing and urging in midfield (plus the occasional shot) won him first place.


Thanks to Martin for admin whilst I was away. And for spotting that in our ranks we have a Batt and Ball; and Silver Ware (and we’ve known for a while that we have Eric ‘n Ernie too). And thanks to Howard, Eric & Dave for officiating at 3pm. Dave clearly appreciated the constant advice from those of us on the folding chairs behind him, and - shall we say? - excelled at least at the stylistic aspects of flag-wielding.