Club History

The club was called West Cove FC in 1973 & 1974. In 1973 we entered 4 x Junior Mixed Teams and a Mixed All Age team. In 1974 we entered 3 teams in Junior Mixed and a Mixed All Age Team. 1975 saw the change of name to Lane Cove West FC. In that year we entered an U18 team and Mixed All Age team. From 1976 onwards we have only entered Mixed All Age / O30s / O35s & O45 teams. LCWFC has never entered teams in the Junior Girls or Women’s All Age Competitions.

Key Dates:

  • O30s competition starts in 1986,
  • LCWFC joins O30s competition in 1990,
  • O30s becomes O35s in 1994,
  • LCWFC has two teams in Division 1,
  • Mark Bryant creates O45s competition in 2008,
  • LCWFC joins O45s in that year in the single team division 1 competition.